• A judge for us

    Jason is fighting for due process 

    and access to justice 

    in SE King County District Court

    Jason's Approach

    "District Court is sometimes referred to as 'The People’s Court' because it is the level of court where many people have their first-- and sometimes their only -- experience with our justice system. 

    I became a District Court judge, in order to serve the public as a judge who is honest and fair, and treats all parties with respect and dignity. 

    As a former public defender and deputy prosecutor, I bring to the Court a balanced and service-oriented perspective. This perspective has been refined by the strong judicial foundation that accompanies my more than 10 years of experience as a neutral decision maker. 

    I promise to continue creating an environment where all parties feel as though they were heard and able to meaningfully participate in the judicial process, regardless of the outcomes in their cases.”

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